It Starts with an Idea

First, imagine your perfect home. You know, the one you have dreamed and designed for years in your head. It has been cut and pasted together in your mind from every home, room and piece of furniture that ever caught your eye, stuck in your mind from a picture or stirred your heart as you crossed its threshold. A home crafted from stacks of Architectural Digest and floor plans sketched in a notebook. The home that reflects who you are, your unique design and creativity as well as offering comfort, functionality and reflecting what you value most. It’s a house like no other, yet everyone who enters it feels right at home.

Now, here’s the idea. What if you could create this dream home without all of the hassles, headaches and nightmares that can come with building your own home – and – do it all with a single partner?

Well, welcome to the world of Morris Hullinger Design Build. We are in the business of creating these exceptional homes that exude and reflect the rare creative tastes and personifications of our clients.

This is what we do and for what our passion runs deep. We are honored that you are considering us, and we look forward to the opportunity of making your dream home a reality.

Bucking the Trend

In 2007, we saw the need to create a more team oriented, simple and hassle free way to build a custom home, so we decided to buck the trend.  Instead of contouring to the traditional system of assembling an independent architect, contractor and designer for a project – including the likely discord, finger-pointing and hidden costs – we thought it would be best to bring all three disciplines under one roof.  Having completed over $40 million in dream homes for dozens of satisfied clients, this concept has proven to be the right answer – and we are confident it will be the right answer for you.

Bringing Value

Of course we bring creative, classic and timeless design to the table for our clients. Yes, we deliver quality construction and endless attention to detail. But at Morris Hullinger we deliver another very key ingredient – Value. How is this evident during the process? It’s our creative thriftiness, our value engineering of all aspects of design, our endless search for great deals – like taking the time and effort to import our own antique and reclaimed European architectural elements. We are constantly striving to help guide our clients in creating not only amazing homes but also sound and lasting investments for their families – places to build memories and build equity!

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